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This section is under development. Full support and functionality will be available very soon.
Most of the supported API requests require you to use an API KEY as a parameter. Go to your account to find yours or generate a new one if you haven't already.

General API request syntax

The general syntax for the various API calls you can make is as follows:<category>/<operation>/[parameters...]
We currently only support JSON as the responses' output format! In the future this might change.
We currently only support GET as the requests' method! In the future this might change.
If you provide something invalid in your request, the server will respond with a reasoned error.

Account API

Manage your account with our API.

Get balance<API_KEY>

Games API

You can play games programmatically, using our API.


color: one of violet, indigo, blue, yellow, green, orange, red
bet_amount_in_BTC: one of 0.00000001, 0.00000010, 0.00000100, 0.0001000
Returns on success:
bet: won or lost
profit: your profit (or loss) in BTC
result: the color that wins the bet